About Me

Welcome to SVP Luxury Healing! 

My name is Sheena.  I recently moved to Orlando, Florida, but was born and raised in Queens, New York.  My family is from Guyana. I am happily married, with an awesome husband who is very supportive and my best friend.

I had a full and rewarding career as a manager in Youth Services for over 20 years.  Recently I took a break to focus on self-care and goals that I have beyond my career, especially health. 

I’m a woman who loves affordable luxury and surrounding myself in sparkle and beauty. I have a history of seeing the amazing healing and manifesting effects of crystals and I am a firm believer of its natural magic.  I decided to take my love/addiction for shopping and all that sparkles to share and help you on your journey to luxury healing.  Thank you for checking out my website and I look forward to spoiling you!

Sending you love and healing energy,

Sheena Sukhraj