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Fire Quartz Set 1

Fire Quartz Set 1

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Fire Quartz is known as a transformative crystal that blends the amplifying properties of quartz with the stabilizing properties of iron. A grounding crystal that can help enhance focus and concentration. Fire quartz can help reignite the fire and passion inside of us. This set includes 3 items that can be sold separately or as a full set. Set 1 includes a large fire quartz sphere and fire quartz sphere holder, set 2 includes the fire quartz flame single item, and set 3 includes the medium fire quartz sphere and fire quartz flower sphere holder. All items are made of fire quartz!

Set 1= Large Sphere and Round Sphere Holder= 1 lbs, 0.8 oz sphere, 3.5oz holder.
Set 2= Flame= 1 lbs, 3.4oz
Set 3- Medium Sphere and Flower Holder= 10.4 oz sphere, 12.7 oz flower holder

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